FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
We have answered your most common questions below. Please read them before you call, 
it will help to save you time before you call.

1. What are the dates (schedule) of your webinars and hotel courses? 
This is the link of the dates/times of the family nurse practitioner (FNP) and adult primary care nurse practitioner (AGNP/AGPCNP) review courses.  

2. Which months are the courses given as hotel based courses?
There are only two hotel-based courses per year (January and May). The review classes in January and May are held in a hotel at the Ft. Lauderdale Marriott North hotel (6650 North Andrews Ave, Ft. Laud., 33309). There are NO special room rates arranged with the hotel. 

3. Which months are courses given in webinar-only format?
The  review courses are in LIVE WEBINAR-only format during February, March, April, June, August, September, October, and November. There are no hotel-based courses during these months. 

4. Are we allowed to view a webinar at a future time?
No, because we do not "tape" or record our webinars or  hotel courses. You must attend a webinar class when it is scheduled because it can't be reviewed at another time.  It is like attending a LIVE course, except in webinar format. We use the GoToWebinar platform four our webinars.

5. When do we get the review course textbook?
For hotel based courses (January & May), the review course textbook is given on the FIRST DAY of the course after you sign in. It is not mailed to you.

But for students of our webinar courses, we mail the book to you. The process is explained below:
The course textbook is mailed by FedEx Ground shipping to your residence about 5 to 7 days before the course starts.  The review course textbook contains the notes on the slides. It is available only to students who are enrolled in either the webinar or hotel based courses.  It is NOT for sale. 

6. Is the review course textbook the same as the #1 best-selling review book published by Springer Publishing?
No they are NOT the same. The review course textbook is available only to her review course students (it has the notes for the slides) and it is only published by the Leik Intensive Review Courses. 

But the Family Nurse Practitioner Intensive Review and the Adult Gerontology Nurse Practitioner Intensive Review books are both published by Springer Publishing (New York).  These are not the same books as the LEIK Intensive Review course textbook. The Springer Publishing review books are available for anyone who wants to buy it. It is sold by Springer Publishing, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Ebay, and many other book sellers.  

NOTE: the 4th Edition of the Springer book is also a requirement for students enrolled in a Leik Intensive Review Course.

7. What is the LEIK Intensive Review Course Guarantee?
You have up to 4 months after the first day of the initial review course to retake a webinar(s) for FREE if you failed your ANCC or AANPCB exam. Take a colored photograph of your official score letter as the proof and email it to us at npreviews@gmail.com. 

Please make sure that the photo is a clear and legible copy of your exam scores (we may reject your letter if it is hard to read). You also need to tell us by email the date of the webinar that you want to take. 

8. How do I know that I am registered for a course?
After you pay the fee at Paypal, you are registered for the course. Print or save the Paypal receipt as proof of payment. 
You will receive an emailed letter from us within a few days of the payment. If you do not receive an emailed letter from us, send an email with your contact information (to npreviews@gmail.com) AND please call Angelica at (954) 336-7639.

9. What happens if I change my mind and withdraw from a review course?
You will be charged a $30.00 processing fee.  You will receive the Paypal refund within 7 to 10 business days after you withdraw from the course.  If you paid by check, you will receive the refund by company check. After the first day of the FNP or AGNP review courses, no withdrawals are allowed. 

10. Can I get a discount if I have taken a Leik Intensive Review Course previously (>4 months after initial review course)?
Of course! We give a 50% discount if you have previously paid and completed a Leik review course, but missed the 4 month time limit. Many students who do not practice retake the review as a "refresher" course.

11. Is there a difference in the course material and the slides between the hotel course and webinar course?
The lecture, course materials and the Powerpoint slides are the same. The only difference between the two are the venue and the schedule. 

12. Do you award nursing contact hours?
Of course! We are an approved continuing education provider for nurses by the State Boards of Nursing for Florida, Georgia, Arkansas and North Carolina. We are also an approved continuing education provider by CeBroker.com.
Your contact hours may be used to renew your nursing license (check your State's BON website for the rules) and as  required contact hours "in your areas of weakness" after you have failed the AANPCB exam.

In general, State Boards of Nursing will accept another State-approved BON continuing nursing education provider's  contact hours. The only exception to this is the State of Iowa. If you are licensed in IOWA, please check your State Board of Nursing website. 

The AANPCB accepts the contact hours that we award to students who have completed a review course to address their "area(s) of weakness".

13. Will the Leik Intensive Review Courses cover the new editions of the certification exams?
Absolutely yes! Maria Codina Leik personally updates the review course textbook to reflect some of the most current topics covered by the ANCC and AANPCB certification exams for FNPs and AGNPs/AGPCNPs.

14. I still have more questions. How may I contact you?
You can send an email to npreviews@gmail.com. You can also call at (954) 336-7639 at our office hours (Mon-Fri 9:00 am to 6:00 pm). We are on Eastern time/Eastern Standard time (we are located in South Florida).

State Board of Nursing Approved Nursing Continuing Education Provider: Florida, Georgia, Arkansas, North Carolina
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