Family Nurse Practitioner Intensive Certification Review 
HOTEL venue: 22 Contact Hours (includes 3.5 hours pharmacology)
WEBINAR: 25 Contact Hours (3.5  hours pharmacology)

Students Tell Us That Their Stress Levels Go Way Down After the Course...
After taking our course, many a student have told us how much more secure they felt about taking the exam. And then they call or email us about how well they did on the exam. Of course, they passed!
Review Medications/Drugs Included
Review drugs along with contraindications, drug interactions, and other issues. Review the important drugs that are most likely to be on the test. Learn about dangerous drug-drug interactions, disease contraindications, common side effects, lab test follow-up,etc. . 
Cardiac Assessment
We review essential cardiac assessment skills that will always appear on the test like the heart murmurs and extra heart sounds like S3 and S4. A time proven pneumonic has helped hundreds of students pass their certification exam.

Which heart sound is associated with heart failure (CHF)? 

The S3 heart sound is associated with a failing heart. It is heard on early diastole. Look for other signs and symptoms of heart failure like dyspnea, pulmonary crackles, PE and pedal edema.

You will get 3 credits Pharmacology

You must memorize the drug class as well as a representative drug(s). The names will be listed either as generic (Brand name) or as a drug class.

Name: ipratropium bromide (Atrovent)
Drug class: anti-cholinergics
First line drug for COPD.

Name: clarithromycin (Biaxin)
Drug class: macrolide antibiotics
Did you know that this is a Category C drug? Unlike the other macrolides (or erythromycins) which are Catergory B. Be careful with your pregnant patients.
Test-taking Skills for the ANCC/AANP Exam
Essential test-taking techniques that will help you in passing both the ANCC and the AANP's certification exams will be discussed in detail. 
Normal PE Findings Will Be In The Exams
Normals that have appeared on the exams are also reviewed. In addition, we have an in-depth cardiac review with emphasis on the topics that have been seen on the test. We have a learning trick for murmurs that has "saved" many a student on the test.
Pneumonics and Other "Tricks"
We have helpful pneumonics (we have our own pneumonics and the other well-known ones too) and other tips to help you remember rote-memory type of materials.

Develop Better Clinical Decision-Making Skills
This review course also helps you refine your critical thinking skills. This are the questions on the test that give you a case scenario and then will ask you what the "initial" or most appropriate action is.  

Laboratory Tests and Results (and what abnormal results mean):

Pap Smears, Urinalysis, Pregnancy testing, LFTs, and many other laboratory values and what to do with abnormal results are included

This is a 2 1/2 day review course that is very intensive. Unlike other review courses, we include an extensive review of the NON-CLINICAL TOPICS that have been known to appear on the certfication exams. 
When you attend one of my review courses, you will hear about some of the latest exam topics and other testing "issues". 

I believe that anyone can learn to pass the NP Certification Exams with the right guidance...

I have helped many students PASS their exam who have taken other review courses (some have taken 2 different review courses!).

The ANCC exams will probably be very challenging over the next few years. Please take time to study especially for this exam. 

Take care! Thanks for your precious time visiting my website. 

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Maria Codina Leik


Because of the major changes on the ANCC exam, we have responded by also increasing our coverage of this area in the courses. 

Nursing research, HIPAA, NPI provider #, Ethics, Adolescent rights, Hospice, Medicare, Epidemiology, Billing, Culture, Religion,  etc..

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