N​ursing Faculty Resources 
(you don't have to be faculty to use these resources)
STD Case Series (National Network of STD/HIC Prevention Training Centers)

Stanford Medicine 25. 
Fantastic site for learning physical assessment skills with videos and notes. 

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American Nurses Credentialing Center

Certification General Testing and Renewal Handbook
School Codes Directory

Free FNP Sample Exam (25 items)
New question formats (demo)

Free AGPCNP Sample Exam (25 items)
New question formats (demo)

American Academy of Nurse Practitioners Certification Board

FNP & AGNP Certification Candidate Handbook (pdf)
They have sample questions printed in this pdf handbook. 
There are no answers (I will give you the answers in my review course).

Paper Applications (online registration preferred)

Special Accomodation Request Form (PSI)

Other Sources

National Council of State Boards of Nursing 
>Contact a State BON (by state) which includes Canada and other countries 

Professional Bounderies (includes use of Social Media)

NCSBN Scope of Practice Decision-making Framework
There can be "gray" areas of practice as an NP/RN. Use the framework to identify/clarify the activity or role under consideration. Contact your State Board of Nursing because they have the ultimate authority to determine the scope of practice for NPs in your state. 

How to Apply for the NPI (National Provider Identifier) 

NPI Application Form (Pdf)

CMS.gov (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services)
FREE Continuing Education Credits (2017)
Understanding Substance Use Disorder in Nursing (4 contact hours)

Exam Links and Study Resources
Certification Exam Links
Reviewing for the Exams: Resources

JNC 8 Hypertension Treatment Guidelines

Nursing Ethics

Cerebellar Exam (Standford Medicine)

COPD Treatment Tables

Statistical Terms

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